ThistleClan dwells in a needled coniferous forest that inhabits the northwestern area of the island. The verdant forest consists of tall, white pines, and lowly balsam firs, which blanket the forest floor with dried needles and cones. Beneath the firs, the underbrush varies from harsh brambles, thorns, and thickets. This foliage allows ThistleClan cats to maneuver in the shadows. The land is also home to numerous burrows, some home to hares and mice, others abandoned, and perhaps once, created by ancient ThistleClan cats.

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Near the northern peninsula, an old, barren elm tree stands like a forsaken omen. Its leaves haven’t flourished in seasons, and its bark is charred and blackened from violent storms. This tree is known to clan cats as the Great Owl Tree because an old, Great-Horned owl used to live inside its archaic trunk. For ThistleClan warriors, the landmark is the ideal area to train apprentices, as the terrain is level for battle lessons.

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As the pine forest thins in the northwest, the land slowly transforms from thick underbrush and thorns to a wet marshland covered in cattails and weeds. The water is dark, clouded with mud, and stagnant in nature. Earning its eerie namesake, deathberries and holly berries grow in abundance along the basin. Despite its sinister name, the landmark is a popular hunting ground for ThistleClan warriors since it is a hotbed for various birds, voles, and amphibians.

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