LichenClan warriors reside within the elaborate cave system that dominates the southern shore. Protected from the tide, the main cave is the furthest cavern inland and the largest in size. Light illuminates the cave ​​through breaks in the cavern’s ceiling. Several smaller tunnels and caves break off from the main one, leading to dens and other short cuts across their territory. Near the rear of the main cave is the warrior's den and apprentice's den, two large chambers big enough to house their entire Clan. Along the east wall rests the High-Ledge, a perch used to address LichenClan, and beneath its overhang, resides the leader's den.

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The nursery is a chamber located near the warrior’s den. Its entrance is reinforced with brambles. Only LichenClan cats know the way to slip most easily through the prickly branches. Inside the ground has been softened with sand and moss. Family nests appear indented in the soft floor. A break in the ceiling brings light and fresh air into the den, while water drips down the wall into a small pool in the back of the chamber.

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Slipping through the opening of the den, a cat is greeted by the scent of dried herbs stored neatly on clefts in the cave walls. The front of the den is open, allowing multiple cats to gather in emergencies. Off set are small nests that patients may stay in during their recovery. In the back of the den the medicine cat makes their nest. Here one also finds a small pool of water, fed from an undetectable source. If one looks carefully, shells and smooth pebbles collected from past medicine cats as offerings to StarClan may be found around this pool.

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