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This board contains our rules and references. Make sure to become familiar with the rules before you make an account. In addition, the references listed in this board contain vital exposition about our territories, clans, and lore.

12 26 Weather on the Island
by wish
Oct 1, 2020 7:31:26 GMT -6

All site wide announcements are posted here. These announcements vary from forum updates, site events, or monthly activity checks. Make sure to read these in order to remain active on the site.

8 82 December Announcements || 2020
by Kazuko
Dec 3, 2020 10:44:54 GMT -6

Completed or outdated threads are archived on this board. Once a board is finished, make sure to notify a staff member and the board will be moved here. Boards are archived rather than deleted to preserve past events.

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Dec 2, 2020 15:05:26 GMT -6

The Characters


Character biographies are created on this board. Once it is finished, a staff member will either accept or reject your character. If the character is accepted, it will be moved to its allotted sub-board. If the characters is rejected, it will remain on this board until corrections are made.

316 583 Emberscorch- Female- LIchenClan-Warrior
by wish
Dec 2, 2020 16:09:54 GMT -6

Each clan and tribe allegiance will be listed here. The allegiances are updated as new character biographies are accepted.

by wish
Feb 25, 2020 20:21:38 GMT -6

Within this board are several sub-boards related to character development. Kits are born here. Adoptions are listed here. Both trackers and plotters are found here. Use them to develop a more rounded and realistic character.

99 506 a daughter much beloved || ADOPTABLE
by dumpster
Dec 3, 2020 12:45:29 GMT -6

The Sacred Lands


Nestled between Lichenclan and Redwoodclan, the Mooncave is one of the few sea caves accessible from the shoreline. When the thaw hits each new-leaf, the ice in the cave melts into a mystical, temperate pool; and it is here, the clan cats communicate with their ancestors.

4 70 Blessed is the Dark Lagoon || Half-moon November 2020
by Egotistic
Nov 26, 2020 10:53:45 GMT -6

The waterfall resides between Redwoodclan and Thistleclan. Its tranquil nature makes it an ideal landmark for clan gatherings. The leaders stand at its mouth, their paws perched on the rocks; while the clan cats huddle around its reflective pool, waiting, in anticipation.

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The Redwood Forest


Deep within the redwood forest lies the Redwoodclan camp. The entrance is an ancient, hollowed out redwood, its branches stretched to the stars; and once inside, it is apparent that several other hollowed redwood trunks act as various dens and intricate corridors. At its center sits a profound, moss-covered rock; and this is where the leader addresses their clan.

27 176 late in bloom || tagged
by Annie
Dec 2, 2020 17:28:27 GMT -6

The peculiar trees in this forest seem to stretch on forever as if into the stars; and the clan cats that govern them wear that distinction well. Intricate trails weave through the trees, ancient paw prints carved into the earth. While in the north lies the famous bear stones; and to the west, an ominous field filled with bare and fallen redwoods, known as redwood graveyard, stands in eternal rest.

40 268 Start a Fire In Your Soul [Tagged]
by moony
Dec 2, 2020 20:40:33 GMT -6

The White Pine Forest


The Thistleclan camp lies beneath a canopy of white pines and balsam firs. It is almost impenetrable due to its protective barrier; a wall reinforced with thorny undergrowth and thick bramble. Various moss-covered rocks rest inside this wall; and underneath, the clan cats have exhumed a labyrinth of nests and dens. At its crown, the leader addresses the clan from a low-resting pine.

32 182 no way out : tagged
by rain
Dec 3, 2020 17:44:35 GMT -6

This thorny forest is littered with dense bramble and needles. Shed from the pines and balsams that populate this land, the needles threaten like an unsheathed claw. The forest is rather ominous in nature; its landmarks, both foreboding in presence and name, are known for their sinister plants and creatures: the poisonous bog and the great owl tree. While other cats fear its dreary demeanor, the Thistleclan cats savor it.

23 98 Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full [TC to Great Owl Tree]
by Bandit
Dec 2, 2020 19:02:38 GMT -6

The Sea Caves


Within the southern shorelines lies an elaborate cave system. It is within these caves, the Lichenclan cats have found their home. Tucked furthest from the water, their base cavern is connected to smaller caves that act as nests and intricate walkways to and from their land. In this cavern, the leader addresses their clan from a ledge, carved deep into the wall; its stones worn from moons of use.

14 71 petals on a wet, black bough || tagged
by wish
Nov 30, 2020 23:58:41 GMT -6

Unlike the wooded clans, the Lichenclan cats are accustomed to the rock covered shoreline and esoteric seas caves. There is a thin birch tree path that runs above the caves; its forest filled with mice and voles. The breadth of their land, however, is bare and uncovered under the stars. The clan cats like to sun out on the abandoned, wooden two-leg paths on the shore, while curious apprentices like to venture into the caves.

29 145 something old [OPEN/TAGGED]
by gammaneise
Dec 2, 2020 16:50:49 GMT -6

The Floating Island


Isolated on the island, the tribe cats use their land as a collective home. Small dens litter the island under overturned tree trunks and weathered stones. Unlike the clan cats that have a unified camp, the tribe cats like to make individual dens around the leader and their nest within an ancient oak. While the tribe functions as one, their cats choose to nest with their kin rather than with cats of a similar rank.

21 125 he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing || tagged
by wish
Nov 30, 2020 21:53:18 GMT -6

The water from the lake washes inland, which has created several smaller island within the main island. While the tribe cats nest around the ancient oak, their old and sick reside on one of the smaller islands furthest from the tree. The to-bes train on an island closest to the shore. This shoreline location allows for the to-bes to become seasoned swimmers without losing them to the depths of the lake.

22 153 under shroud of secrecy | september thistleclan patrol
by Annie
Dec 2, 2020 13:57:19 GMT -6

The Borderlands


The southern cliffs is a disputed borderline between Redwoodclan and Lichenclan. The cliffs serve as the sacred home to the Mooncave; and Lichenclan, devoted servants to Starclan, believes that the cave should rest within their lines. Redwoodclan, however, does not, and the border remains a battleground between both clans.

5 32 Fire on Fire | tagged
by Annie
Nov 22, 2020 15:09:17 GMT -6

From the mouth of the waterfall flows a small, unobtrusive creek. Its bed is notorious for its soft sand and slow-moving fish. The creek functions as an established border between Redwoodclan and Thistleclan with little dispute. Near the lake, the creek veers sharply toward the east, creating another border between Thistleclan and Lichenclan.

10 35 The Beginning [Tagged]
by maxx
Dec 3, 2020 22:16:10 GMT -6

Worn from moons of ice and tides, the sea caves travel far beneath the mainland and into tunnels that extend into both wooded clans. There are several mouths that lead into the caves; some covered with moss; others bare under the stars. While the caves are abandoned and lifeless, the clan cats still fear what lies inside; but soft words, heard in the wind, tell of an enchanted lagoon, deep within its heart.

1 2 .whatever. it :takes: || tagged
by kaz
Oct 5, 2020 16:18:31 GMT -6

The land that extends from the eastern mainland turns into a peninsula; and from that summit, lies a sandbar path that bleeds into the lake. The sandbar is only visible during the tide; a process that occurs at both dawn and dusk; and where it leads - no cat knows. While the land remains within Thistleclan's borders, it is rather neglected, due to its lack of prey and neighboring clans.

3 15 Flesh Without Blood // Root vs Blazing & River vs Gray
by bombora
Nov 29, 2020 18:05:01 GMT -6

The Northern Dissenters


The northern cliffs are devoid of clan cats. The lands were once littered with two-legs and their kin. However, due to severe weather and substantial trail damage, the northern cliffs, and its elaborate sea caves, have been abandoned. While clan cats have not prowled this land in moons, its white pine and balsam firs have become an attractive area for rogues and other like-minded creatures.

2 6 Of Plaster and Poultice | Tagged
by Egotistic
Nov 2, 2020 13:01:30 GMT -6

Nestled next to the northern cliffs rests an abandoned campsite. Ghost-town cabins and torn, abandoned tents litter the pine-dotted forest. Near the lower sea caves sit newer cabins that sometimes house the adventurous two-leg and their alien children. But the campground, for most part, remains desolate, except for the loners that call this ghost-town home.

3 17 froth and foam and rise || tagged
by wish
Nov 29, 2020 15:04:50 GMT -6

The shoreline beneath the northern cliffs is covered with sinister rocks and beached fish. Seabirds swoop in loud circles, their talons stretched for the fish, and the tide washes in and out each dusk and dawn like clockwork. While the shoreline is inhabitable, due to the rocks, there are still nooks and crannies, deep within the shore, that prove useful for a cat that does not want to be found.

1 10 What the Storm Brings | Tagged
by Dreamer
Nov 16, 2020 14:08:26 GMT -6

The Apocryphal Texts


This board contains our general discussion and like-wise ooc sub-boards. Introductions and departures are found here, as well as member shops.

48 358 Thee Ole Dreary Den [Wish's Shop]
by wish
Dec 3, 2020 22:59:33 GMT -6

Guests and members are allowed to post their advertisements here. Sites interested in affiliation must post here as well.

241 335 Worlds Unleashed All Canon Panfandom.
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Nov 27, 2020 9:17:53 GMT -6
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