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Each clan and tribe allegiance will be listed here. The allegiances are updated as new character biographies are accepted.

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The Sacred Lands


Every full moon, the wild cats gather to share a night of peace at the island’s single waterfall. The waterfall lies in a ridge between ThistleClan and RedwoodClan. At the base, a small pool forms. Cliffs overhang the rippling waters where leaders have shared their announcements for seasons. Running from a small divot in the basin, the water grows in tenacity, flowing into the sandy creek that divides the island in two.

16 54

Far beneath the island, a secret lagoon lays sheltered underneath the waterfall. A cavernous chamber, the basin sits at the center of the cave, shrouded by hanging stalactites. Run-off from the waterfall above slowly trickles against the cave walls, filling the basin with its crystalline, blue waters. Medicine cats travel every half-moon to perch at its star-shimmering pool, hoping to confer with their ancestors.

7 56

The Redwood Forest


Deep within the redwood forest lies the RedwoodClan camp. The entrance is an ancient, hollowed out redwood, its branches stretched to the stars; and once inside, it is apparent that several other hollowed redwood trunks act as various dens and intricate corridors, giving home to the Clan's nursery and medicine cat's den. At its center sits a profound, moss-covered rock, where the leader addresses their clan.

63 195

RedwoodClan's home consists of an ancient redwood tree forest that covers the southwestern section of the island. The massive trees stretch far into the skies. Their colossal trunks house numerous mice, rabbits, and birds. The wide bases and substantial mass of the redwood trees make an effortless climb for trained warriors. In the north lies the famous Bear Stones, and to the west, an ominous clearing filled with fallen redwoods, known as Redwood Graveyard, stands in eternal rest.

111 378

The White Pine Forest


The ThistleClan camp lies within a deep ravine, sheltered by a canopy of white pines and balsam firs. It is almost impenetrable due to its protective barrier, a wall reinforced with thorny undergrowth and thick bramble. Various moss-covered rocks rest inside its walls, and underneath, the clan cats have exhumed a labyrinth of nests and dens, including the nursery and medicine cats' den. At its crown, the leader addresses the clan from the fallen pine, a casualty of the flood.

60 232

Thistleclan dwells in a needled coniferous forest that inhabits the northwestern area of the island. The verdant forest consists of tall, white pines, and lowly balsam firs, which blanket the forest floor with dried needles and cones. Beneath the firs, the underbrush varies from harsh brambles, thorns, and thickets. The forest is rather ominous in nature; its landmarks, both foreboding in presence and name, are known for their sinister plants and creatures: the Great Owl Tree and the Poisonous Bog.

66 309

The Eastern Shoreline


Within the southern shorelines lies an elaborate cave system. It is within these caves, the LichenClan cats have made their home. Protected from the tide, the main cave is the furthest cavern inland. Its entrance is concealed behind a collection of overhanging rocks and stones. Several faux cave entrances line the shore, which shields LichenClan from its enemies. Several smaller caverns are used as dens, including their nursery and medicine cats' den. In this cavern, the leader addresses their clan from a ledge, carved deep into the wall; its stones worn from moons of use.

65 263

Unlike their neighboring, wooded Clans, LichenClan warriors are accustomed to rock covered shorelines and esoteric caves, such as the MoonCave. There is a thin, birch tree path that runs above the caves; its forest filled with mice and voles, a useful hunting ground for the lake dwellers. The breadth of their territory, however, is barren sand and shoreline, uncovered beneath the stars. The Clan cats like to sun out on the abandoned, wooden two-leg paths on the shore, while curious apprentices like to venture into the caves.

105 402

The Floating Island


The Tribe of Floating Stones governs the entirety of their home, South Twin Island, free of borders and other Clans. It's a vast mainland consisting of sloping moors, while a dense, boreal forest reigns over the north. The southern portion of the mainland carves into a deep ravine, where an ancient gathering place, the Tribe Stone, makes it home. Unlike the Clan cats, the Tribe cats do not occupy a communal camp, but instead live in family dens across the entire island.

62 250

The great waters from Lake Superior washes inland, which has created four smaller islands along the mainland, known as the Floating Isles. Each separate island holds great significance to the Tribe and serves a purpose. The Rock where All Wounds Heal and The Stone that Never Ends provides healing and spiritual guidance for the living and the dead. While The Stone where Fish Leap and The Rock where Leaves Fall provide ample hunting and training grounds for the Tribe.

9 42

The Underground Caves


Providing a safe haven for those who are lost or injured, the cats who live within the underground caves do not speak of a formal camp or home, at least not to those who seek their wisdom. They are a secretive group, residing somewhere in the caverns near the Lagoon. A large chamber acts as their gathering place for those who know its secret location. Those in need of healing are brought to the Cave of Many Colors, while the cats who make the tunnels their home are rumored to have an additional secret cavern of their own.

7 18

Living for seasons within its depths, the cats who inhabit the tunnels have discovered many of the island's most enchanting secrets and made their home. Rich hunting grounds are supported by the tunnel's groundwaters, while an open observatory far beneath rogue territory gives way to the sky, allowing the cats of the tunnels to study the Stars. Deep at its center, an ominous trench nearly cuts the island in half, and only those who are privy to its secrets can navigate to its bed of treasures.

10 35

The Borderlands


The southern cliffs is a disputed borderline between RedwoodClan and LichenClan. The cliffs house the entrance to the ancient Mooncave, declared an area of neutrality after the Great War. The land above, however, provides valuable hunting ground to LichenClan's slim resources. The ownership of this land remains contested between the two neighboring clans.

15 79

From the mouth of the waterfall flows a small, unobtrusive creek. Its bed is notorious for its soft sand and slow-moving fish. The creek functions as an established border between RedwoodClan and ThistlecCan with little dispute. Near the lake, the creek veers sharply toward the east, creating another border between ThistleClan and LichenClan.

39 135

Worn from moons of ice and tides, the caverns travel far beneath the mainland and into tunnels that extend across the entire island. There are several mouths that lead into the caves; some covered with moss; others obvious and open to wanderers seeking their ancient secrets. The caverns are largely unexplored to the Clan cats. Many, from kits to warriors, are advised to stay far away from the Island's underground labyrinth. Rumors of lost souls and wandering ghosts whisper among the masses.

15 83

The land that extends from the eastern mainland turns into a peninsula. Branching off, an estuary of sand, water, and river connects the island to the tribe. The land is currently unclaimed but remains outside of Thistleclan's borders. Passing through their territory is necessary to reach the rich sand beds. The estuary works as a natural filter for runoff from the forest and provides a nursery for many species of birds, fish, and others.

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The Northern Dissenters


The northern cliffs are devoid of Clan cats. The lands were once littered with two-legs and their kin. However, due to severe weather and substantial trail damage, the northern cliffs, and its elaborate caverns, have been abandoned. While clan cats have not prowled this land in moons, its white pine and balsam firs have become an attractive area for rogues and other like-minded creatures.

7 28

The shoreline beneath the northern cliffs is covered with sinister rocks and beached fish. Seabirds swoop in loud circles, their talons stretched for the fish, and the tide washes in and out each dusk and dawn like clockwork. While the shoreline is inhabitable, there are still nooks and crannies, deep within the shore, that prove useful for a cat that does not want to be found.

2 7

Nestled next to the northern cliffs, rests an abandoned campsite. Ghost-town cabins and traces of old tent lots spread across the ground. The structures lie derelict, and with each season, sink further into the earth. They will one day fully disappear from sight. Old two-leg objects and contraptions litter the decaying campsite. Only rogues and loners populate the strange, foreign land.

14 78

Beyond the reaches of any Clan cat, the northern peninsula resides. It's the most northern point of the island, a peninsula jutting out into Lake Superior. From its end, an old abandoned dock clings to the shoreline, as well as a few rotted boats. Further inland, a large abandoned two-leg lodge occupies the land. Abandoned two-leg monsters and contraptions sit unused outside of the lodge. Only rogues and loners roam the largely inhabitable, open land and make homes in the strange, two-leg nest.

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The Apocryphal Texts


This board contains our general discussion and like-wise ooc sub-boards. Introductions and departures are found here, as well as member shops.

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